Public Massacre Survival (Printed Book)

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This Book Reveals Exactly How to Survive an Active Shooter, Terrorist Attack and Other Public Massacre Situation

Here's just a small preview of the information that you will discover inside‚Ä

  • 9 subtle behavioral cues that an attacker will exhibit before he begins his rampage (some are so inconspicuous that you have to know EXACTLY what to look for to spot them)
  • 3 techniques to assess the danger level of any situation, the escape routes in any location, and the best plan of action that will ensure your survival
  • The scientific reason why people‚Äôs rational brain ‚ shuts down‚ in an emergency situation and what to do to prevent that (panic is one of the biggest factors that gets people killed)
  • One thing to NOT do around law enforcement officers when they arrive (police offers and SWAT are trained to shoot on sight if you exhibit this behavior)
  • What to do and what NOT do if you ever get taken as a hostage (including one unusual ‚trick‚ that will make your captors think twice before pulling the trigger)
  • A fun game to teach your children that will train them to be able to survive an active shooter situation (without scaring them or putting them through emotional trauma)
  • The best places to hide and take cover in case of an attack (including the worst places to hide that most attackers will search first)
  • One exercise you can do each day to train yourself to spot and avoid dangerous situations before they even occur
  • 16 common objects you will find in any place that can be turned into lethal weapons (good to know if you have to defend yourself and escape is not an option)
  • A breathing exercise taught by the military to reduce anxiety and maintain a calm state of mind at all times

Plus many, many more tips and advice for surviving mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and hostage situations that you can pass along to your family and friends.