Family Home Defense Plans (Paperback Book)

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Family Home Defense Plans Reveals Exactly How to Survive Horrifying Home Invasions and Money-Saving Tips to Protect Your Home Against Intruders...

This book shows the average man or woman how to FORTIFY the security of their house for cheap using items you can find at your local convenience store.

It also shows you how to successfully deal with an attacker if you ever happen to be at home.

Aside from that, this book will give you the peace of mind that your house is SECURE and if an attack would ever occur, you would be prepared to react accordingly.

Here are just some of the things you will discover inside:

  • The ONLY 3 REAL response options you have when confronted with an intruder (do anything else and your chances for survival go down to about zero)
  • One cheap trick to get the security of a professional home alarm system without paying for one
  • 4 green light‚ signs a criminal looks for before deciding which house to target for invasion (eliminate these signs and your chances of being targeted plummet greatly!).
  • 8 cheap trinkets that will secure your home better than their hundred-dollar expensive counterparts!
  • 6 things to teach your kids to do if a criminal ever breaks in while they‚Äôre home alone (this information is critical!).
  • 5 common hiding spots for valuables that people think are safe‚ but actually are NOT (experienced criminals always look here first)
  • 3 questions to ask to decide which gun is best for your home defense strategy
  • The ‚Best Weapon‚ in any home invasion scenario (hint: it isn't your gun, your baseball bat, or that can of pepper spray!)
  • 4 common items around the house that can be turned into lethal weapons

And many more other actionable tips on safeguarding your house and preparing your family in the case of a home invasion or other type of intrusion.

These skills can be taught to your spouse and children as well so this is a manual for the whole family.

Listen, I pray to God that your house never gets VIOLATED by a criminal‚ Or that you never have to face a VIOLENT intruder who intends to inflict bodily harm to you or your family, But the truth is that invasions can happen to anyone, in any neighborhood, AT ANY TIME!

Wouldn't you rather prepare yourself and your family beforehand in case it ever happens?

Rather than panicking and having no control over your actions when it is actually happening?